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Embrace the Symphony of Diversity:

VIMAC opens its door to welcome musicians from all walks of life, fostering a community that appreciates and nurtures the mastery of various instruments. From the mesmerizing melodies of the keyboard to the soul-stirring strings, from the enchanting woodwinds to the captivating ensemble performances, and even the rhythmic energy of percussion – we embrace the rich diversity of musical expression.


We also believe that every instrument holds a unique voice, and every musician has a story to tell. That is why our competitions welcome and celebrate all instruments, providing a platform for musicians to share their passion, dedication, and artistic visions. We pride ourselves on fostering a supportive and inclusive community that embraces the rich tapestry of musical diversity.


VIMAC invites musicians of all instrument categories to embark on a remarkable musical journey. Join us as we celebrate the magic that emerges from the vibrant interplay of instruments, where talent thrives in an atmosphere of creativity and collaboration. Together, let us create a symphony of unity and inspire audiences with the boundless power of music.

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