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Celebrating Musical Excellence:

Unveiling VIMAC’s Prestigious Awards


We are thrilled to unveil our esteemed awards that elevate the musical journey.

Awards for Participants:

Within each section, we strive to celebrate excellence by bestowing awards upon deserving individuals. In the spirit of friendly competition, VIMAC proudly presents the following meticulously crafted awards:



We crown ONE exceptional musician as the champion of EACH section. This coveted distinction symbolizes their mastery and musical prowess, a testament to their extraordinary talent.


1st Runner-up: 

Recognizing remarkable skill and performance, we honor ONE musician in EACH SECTION as the 1st runner-up. Their artistry and dedication shine through as they claim this prestigious title.


2nd Runner-up

Ensuring that exceptional brilliance does not go unnoticed, we present ONE 2nd runner-up award to yet another deserving participant in EACH SECTION. Their musical prowess captivates both judges and audiences alike.


Unlimited Golden, Silver, Bronze and Merit Awards

To acknowledge the wealth of talent that graces our stage, we extend the opportunity for MULTIPLE PARTICIPANTS to receive prestigious golden, silver, bronze and merit awards. These honors pay tribute to their artistry and dedication.


Unlimited Talent Excellence Awards:

It showcases the extraordinary musical abilities of participants who excel in multiple areas of performance.


Overall Champion: 

In a grand finale of celestial melodies, VIMAC crowns ONE exceptional musician as the overall champion. This sought-after accolade resonates throughout the competition, affirming their status as a musical luminary.

Awards for Teachers and Organizations:

We wholeheartedly believe that behind every accomplished musician, there is a dedicated teacher and a supportive organization. Therefore, we proudly present the following esteemed awards to honor their invaluable contributions:


Outstanding Pedagogical Achievement: Recognizing the unwavering dedication and commitment of teachers, we bestow the prestigious Outstanding Teaching Award. This accolade highlights their influential guidance and nurturing mentorship, inspiring musicians to reach new heights.


Distinguished Educator Honor of Overall Champion: 

Celebrating the pinnacle of teaching excellence, VIMAC honors an exceptional teacher who has guided and inspired the competition’s overall champion. This award acknowledges their instrumental role in nurturing talent and shaping extraordinary musical journeys.


– Exemplary Achievement Awards (for organizations): 

We commend organizations that have played a pivotal role in fostering musical excellence with the esteemed Exemplary Achievement Awards. These honors recognize their unwavering support and commitment to the advancement of music.


These carefully crafted awards not only symbolize recognition but also inspire and motivate participants, teachers, and organizations to continue their pursuit of musical excellence. They serve as a testament to the unifying power of music and the transformative impact it has on individuals and communities.

Score-based Competition Categories and Explanation:

– Overall Champion: Score of 90 or above, highest score among all groups.


– Champion: Score of 90 or above, highest score within respective group.


– 1st Runner-up: Score of 88 or above, second-highest score within respective group.


– 2nd Runner-up: Score of 86 or above, third-highest score within respective group.


– Golden Award: Score of 85 or above.


– Silver Award: Score of 80 or above.


– Bronze Award: Score of 75 or above.


– Outstanding Award: Score of 70 or above.


– Participation Certificate: Score of 69 or below.


– Talent Excellence Award: Participants competing in two or more categories.