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VAMA Live Music Calendar

Tuesday, April 23
• 6:00pm VAMA BOOTS & BREWS Country Open Mic Jam @ Aero Crafters (Victoria)
• 9:00pm Rockstar Karaoke with Tommy Morton Jr @ The Wellhead Tavern (Victoria) EVERY TUESDAY
• 9:00pm Karaoke Roadshow with Peggy @ Shooters Bar (Victoria) EVERY TUESDAY
Wednesday, April 24
• 7:00pm Jerry James Band @ Greek’s 205 Bar (Victoria) EVERY WEDNESDAY
• 7:00pm Way Back When’sday with DJ #9 @ The Forum Club (Victoria)
• 8:00pm DJ Iceman @ Dodge City Saloon (Victoria) EVERY WEDNESDAY
• 9:00pm David Stockton & Stephanie Ross @ Moonshine (Victoria)
• 9:00pm Karaoke Roadshow with Peggy @ Shooters Bar (Victoria) EVERY WEDNESDAY
Thursday, April 25
• 6:00pm Party on the Patio with Jerry James & Nolan Derosia @ Shooters Bar (Victoria)
• 7:00pm Mark Zepeda @ The Pump House (Victoria)
• 8:00pm Neal Tolbert @ Aero Crafters (Victoria)
• 9:00pm Thursday Night Karaoke with DJ Rocketman @ Dodge City Saloon (Victoria) EVERY THURSDAY
• 9:00pm Mickey, Gary, and Jeff @ Moonshine (Victoria)
• 9:30pm Karaoke with DJ Rocketman @ Dodge City Saloon (Victoria)
Friday, April 26
• 6:30pm Boots N Bling with The Scott Taylor Band @ Rockport Country Club (Rockport)
• 6:30pm Nick and the Groove @ Bauer Center (Port Lavaca)
• 7:00pm Eric Woodring @ The Pump House (Victoria)
• 7:00pm Travis McQueen & David Stockton @ Curbside Cuisines (Victoria)
• 7:00pm Neal Tolbert @ Yamato (Victoria)
• 8:00pm Roger Cowen @ The Bomb Diggity (Inez)
• 7:00pm The Hot Attacks @ The Forum Club (Victoria)
• 9:00pm Kinda Smooth @ Aero Crafters (Victoria)
• 9:00pm All Request Piano @ Moonshine (Victoria) EVERY FRIDAY
• 9:30pm DJ Jace @ Shooters Bar (Victoria) EVERY FRIDAY
• 9:30pm Texas 361 @ Dodge City Saloon (Victoria)
Saturday, April 27
• 10:00am Live Music at Crossroads Cruisers Car Show @ Victoria Farmers’ Market (Victoria) EVERY SATURDAY
• 10:00am Bri Bagwell @ King Fischer Beach Crawfish Boil (Port O’Connor)
• 7:00pm Johnny Krause & Mike Vanek @ Outrigger Event Center & Listening Room (Palacios)
• 7:00pm Jerry James Band @ The Pump House (Victoria)
• 7:30pm Kenny Broberg @ Victoria Fine Arts Center (Victoria)
• 7:00pm The GinTonics @ Indianola Fishing Marina (Indianola)
• 8:00pm Damon Curtis @ Aero Crafters (Victoria)
• 8:00pm Nick Bakay @ The Bomb Diggity (Inez)
• 8:00pm The Hot Attacks @ VC Project 2030 Fundraiser (Gonzales)
• 8:00pm Mitchell Crain @ Curbside Cuisines (Victoria)
• 9:00pm Alfie Reyna Rest in Power Jam 2 @ Downtown Bar & Grill (Victoria)
• 9:00pm Crowbars the band @ Schroeder Hall (Schroeder)
• 9:00pm All Request Piano @ Moonshine (Victoria) EVERY SATURDAY
• 9:30pm Broken Duckfeet @ Dodge City Saloon (Victoria)
• 9:30pm DJ Jace @ Shooters Bar (Victoria) EVERY SATURDAY
Sunday, April 28
• 11:00am Stephanie Ross @ The Pump House (Victoria)
• 4:00pm Sunday Funday @ The Wellhead Tavern (Victoria)
• 6:00pm Neal Tolbert @ The Barn (Victoria)


We apologize if we overlooked your show. The list is compiled through Facebook Events, and by artists and venues sending us their show dates. Ensure your spot on the list! Message us on Facebook, or email us at vamaland@gmail.com

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